Loony night, Italian goods brought home

Last night wasn't as restful as I'd anticipated based on how tired we all were upon arriving home. After leaving customs, we went to Tom's parents' house to get Percy and once he and his food and such were loaded, we looked like a clown car of epic proportions. Anyway, we finally rolled home and rolled out, brushed teeth, donned jammies and tucked the boys in. I unpacked some of our goodies and then got a little friendly help from Ambien and called it a night. Next thing I know, Jack is running up and down the hall angrily, looking like a deranged Venetian boat captain: hat donned, shirt tucked into shorts, eyes rather wild. In a rather strong voice, I suggested he get himself in bed NOW. Two hours later, Oliver was up going on and on about some cake he wanted but which we tossed days ago, and so it was, that 4:40 was my wake-up call this morning. I feel a bit bleary, and did I mention that now Ol is on spring break and I've got not a few applications to read? Oh mon dieu. Ah well. I am excited about all these treats, just part of all we schlepped (happily!) home. Hoping to get back in the kitch today but we'll see.