This morning I catered a baby naming ceremony for a truly wonderful family I've gotten to know solely through my work. I absolutely adore these folks and seeing them today really made me smile. I find it so fortunate to cross paths for some reason with others you might never otherwise meet but whom you sincerely enjoy knowing. It was all very lovely, and I got a slight, much-needed baby fix by viewing the little man of honor. Seriously, if anyone ever needs their baby held, I'm your gal. I will happily rock tiny tots for ages on end! The "o" on my keyboard is sticking, and it's making me nuts. Good god, people.

Anyway, this afternoon, T and I saw Lincoln, and seriously, it is fabulous. If Daniel Day-Lewis does not win an Oscar (you have no idea how common the letter "o" is until you see the auto-correct squiggle under seemingly every word because your computer thinks you forgot the damn "o" but you didn't, it's just stuck) for his performance, it will be highway robbery, the kind of which we've perhaps not seen since Tom Hulse didn't win for his role in Amadeus. Or, on the flip side, the time Titanic won (stole) Best Picture which was ridiculous and such an insult to the other films nominated. But I digress.

I have always been an eNORmous fan of D.D-L. and his range. Wow! Last of the Mohicans? He was too hot to be believed. A Room With a View? He played Cecil with such a fabulously tight air. My Left Foot? There are no words. He is such a gifted artist, and Lincoln is a pièce de résistance. He never stumbles, never slips out of voice or character, posture or weariness. Incredible. The supporting cast is fabulous too- Sally Field and David Strathairn most prominently, but you'll recognize so many others.

Off to enjoy a from-the-freezer-and-fridge dinner: ribollita, collard handpie, roasted beet and goat cheese salad. I feel in veggie withdrawal and cannot wait!