Let's talk Meyer lemons

Meyer lemons are one of my all-time favorite ingredients. Thought to be native to China and a cross between a lemon and either a regular orange or mandarin, the Meyer has a thin, shiny, smooth skin, is wonderfully fragrant and imparts such a lovely flavor to most anything it's added. One of my favorite recipes is a seared then braised fennel with Meyer lemon juice and zest and freshly planed Parmesan. Another transcendentally good dish is a Spaghetti al Limone made with Meyer lemon juice, cream and white pepper. Aah. I've also made a Meyer Lemon budino, which is rather like a flan or panna cotta, and since I experienced the ease of making stuffed pasta with wonton wrappers, I've been musing about a fresh ricotta-Meyer lemon agnolotti. Right?!! Off to get O but more later on this thread.