Leontyne, pretty pie

Do y'all know of Leontyne Price, the famous soprano? Her voice is other-wordly in the most incredible, moving sense. When I hear her sing, specifically a classic like Ave Maria or O Holy Night (her version of the latter is one of my favorite Christmas songs ever), I stop what I'm doing, rendered speechless each and every time I hear her vocals take flight. Wow. leontyne priceI also think she's gorgeous in such an arresting way. That face, that voice! If you can, try to listen to one or both of the songs I mentioned above. Incredible.

Despite my post-party fog, I was a machine today in getting through my catering order. All that's left is to shell shrimp which I just cannot bear to do tonight. In the morning it is! Look at this pretty pie.french silk pie

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!!! I'm so excited. We're taking the boys to a fantastic children's theater nearby to see Seussical in the morning, will open family presents in late afternoon and then try to get to sleep despite the wild anticipation of Santa's arrival. Happy, happy, merry, merry to you all!