Lemony couscous "dressing"

This is right (!) up my alley. T liked it too but was not as thrilled as was I; he is a grudging Meatless Monday participant but it's good for him. Anyway, I tweaked this in just two ways: I used three eggs rather than 4, and as I did not have any parsley, I used the equivalent amount of watercress. I found both subs to work well and taste good! Plus, cress is so good for you and how the heck else am I going to use multiple cups of it?!

Anyway, I will post this recipe and do think you'd like it. It's mild but flavorful, unique but comforting...bottom line, it's just not offensive in any way (you know, to people who don't like this, can't tolerate that, too much spice here, etc) and could be used just as easily as a hearty side as for a light'ish main.