Lemon curd is an insanely good substance

This morning, T and I wanted to have something delicious for breakfast and started thinking along the lines of curd-stuffed pancake balls. Have y'all seen the ebelskiver filled-pancake pan from Williams-Sonoma? Several years ago I got it into my head that I simply must have one and asked for it for Christmas. As would be the case were I to indulge myself in a waffle-maker (I keep thinking I want one but I never make or eat waffles so am not sure why I want this product), I don't use the ebelskiver terribly often but we are always pleased when I do. Putting chocolate chips or strawberry-rhubarb jam in the little puffs makes for a really yummy breakfast for me, but  T's favorite is to stuff them with lemon curd. We didn't have said curd on hand but it's not hard to make, so despite T's sweet protestations, I whipped up a batch. People, lemon curd is divine.We ended up making a french toast topped with lemon curd, toasted almonds and brown sugar. I wouldn't make it again but it was a nice, indulgent change. At present, Percy pug and I are cuddled up on the couch in front of a warm fire. It's freezing today, and I am feeling incredibly grateful that the boys are with their grandparents for another hour or two. Tonight I'm going to make a mushroom-pancetta-red wine risotto and maybe double up on those flavors by making a sauté of mushrooms, pancetta and greens to go alongside. This cold weather makes me hungry!