Lemon cake hits the spot

Oliver and I had a lovely time making this yummy cake. I used my Meyer Lemon Cake recipe but: subbed regular lemons in place of the Meyers; used unsalted butter instead of salted as that's all I had; upped the St. Germain addition to 1½ tsp; and added chopped mint to the glaze. Everything was delicious so worry not if you want or have to make any of those adjustments. The only thing I would definitely stress is that you should sift your powdered sugar before whisking it into the lemon juice. Lazily and nauseously, I skipped this step today which is why there are tiny white sugar balls studding the cake. I did, however, eat two slices for lunch. So far today, I've had oatmeal, seltzer and lemon cake: not a terribly balanced diet. Alas.