Lemon cake from scratch on the horizon

I had the most wonderful exchange with a fellow food52er from Montana last night. She posted the recipe for a marvelous sounding chocolate cake, and I wanted to adapt it to a lemon one. She had great tips, we rhapsodized about old family recipes, communities that come together because of food but stay together because of much more. It was great! Henceforth, I'm going to spend Oliver's naptime today (please be a long one; the puking and up last night situation I think warrants me at least 75 minutes of quiet today) trying Adaption 1. It's surprisingly hard to find a good lemon sheet cake recipe- most are for lemon poundcakes, bundts or the like- and I don't want to go the Duncan Hines route that my grandma's old recipe calls for, although it's a solid box mix. So, I'll keep you posted on that. I was going to make a lovely King salmon-focused dinner tonight but I forgot that it's Back to School Night, so salmon will have to wait until tomorrow. Off to work in J's library- it is so darling to watch the kids, and J is still young enough that he will give me a kiss in front of everyone. :)