Lawd a'mercy Sunday

I remember when my 'unacceptable level' of unread emails was 25. That is such an outrageous, laughable number now as my inbox on a good day proclaims my unreads as hovering in the mid-180s. This seems to be a fairly accurate indicator of things, really. You should see the piles laying in wait around my house, rustling sheafs I once had, still have says my earnest mind, every intention of dealing with thoughtfully. Alas. Oliver is all better now, his boyish appetite roaring back the cue that illness is on its last legs. Jack is still high on a happy birthday, with today's family Laser Tag outing the final apex of celebration. I had never played Laser Tag before and admit to loving it with utter abandon; I could have played for hours. Literally. Tom wondered if I had some energy to work out while Jack averred that he knew I would love it. Both correct, and I dare say my little family should spend an hour every weekend tagging the bejesus out of each other and an assortment of laughing strangers.

I've got nothing for you in the way of food news. I made a second batch of labor-intensive Oreos that no one much liked, and tonight we called in Indian. I just arrived in bed and, having not been here since 9am, forgot it was covered in things STWA.

Save the World Agency is a club made up by Jack, Ol and one of J's friends. I didn't know it was still extant nor that T and I were members of it, but earlier today the boys called a board meeting and my comforter was still hidden under spy-relics. These would include: the bikini top I sewed for Jack years ago when he was in his Little Mermaid phase (today: "It's for a disguise, Mom."); the plastic-rubber number 5 that was once part of someone's address but which Ol found in the street in San Diego and because he is Mr. Found Treasure still has (his PK teachers said the recycling bin was his favorite place); various ropes long ago discovered at Nanny's house; bizarre pieces of felt that were obviously scraps but eerily resembled thong underpants; and so on.

As you might imagine, it took quite a while to sort through and demo these treasures; it also took a surprisingly long time to clean them up. Lego pieces are like breeding rabbits for pete's sakes.

After getting the boys to baseball camp tomorrow and myself to the dentist, I hope to do a little non-Oreo crafting cooking. Blueberries are peaking now so I might put up a few jars of blueberry-Grand Marnier jam which is always a treat later in the year.

Hope you all had a happy 4th and are recovering from any travel and/or festivities on which you embarked.