Last night's meal

Y'all, Carolina gold rice is so, so good. It also has such an interesting history. You can read more about it here, but in essence, it was brought to Charles Towne (now Charleston) in 1685 by a merchant from Madagascar who used it as currency to pay for repairs to his ship. The rice hails from Africa and Indonesia but became beloved and important after its arrival on South Carolina's shores. After the Depression, however, it very nearly went extinct, and if not for a Texas eye surgeon who discovered some stored grains in a USDA seed bank in the 1980s, it might have disappeared completely. Carolina gold rice

I love it because when cooked, it's got the most marvelously creamy texture and distinct flavor. Distinct's not actually the right word; it's hard to articulate but is something along the lines of each bite being followed with a "wow, that is good rice!"

It was lovely alongside last night's dinner. As I'd planned, I poached the halibut in whey to which I'd added some star anise and cloves; it turned out really nicely in a soft, muted way which well honored the tender steakiness of the halibut, if I say so myself. I'd stirred some scallions into the rice, sauteed some red chard and topped everything with those gorgeous, glowing candied kumquats.

Whey-poached halibut with Carolina gold rice, sauteed chard and candied kumquats