Languid Tuesday, really!

Oh, today has been much-needed and much-enjoyed. It's weirdly warm again, and while it's totally unnatural, my feet have not complained about slipping into sandals rather than socks and boots. Carpool, cleaning, cooking- the regular Cs of my daily life. I made two dozen scones and some lemon curd for a faculty meeting at J's school this afternoon; the scones are just out of the oven and the smell is enveloping me like the ultimate luxe robe. Percy and I enjoyed a nice walk, my house looks much tidier than it did this morning, and I've gotten quite a bit done organizationally. I am full-on in the Christmas spirit. It's funny how loathsome I find Thanksgiving (in the sense of how I feel during and immediately afterwards; best summed up as such- I dislike it "with the white hot passion of 10,000 suns" a la KP though she refers to New Years Eve) but how chock-full of youthful joy I am imbued with come December 1. The tree! The mantle! Garlands! Stockings! Presents! I have even been taken over by a wild desire to make scads of holiday cookies even though I don't really eat them and recently made some ridiculously large, impulsive order of decorative sugars and edible pearls from the Natural Candy store (I am glad to know about this shop, but nonetheless, this order was a bit silly) in advance of some cookie making marathon that is not yet more than a figment of my mind. I'll take this versus Thanksgiving blahs any day!

Off for some lunch and then to school to set up for the meeting. And, as a bit of eye-candy, a cute pic of Mr. O.