Lacking inspo, odd shift from pointer finger

Y'all, Jack has picked up the most unfortunate new habit- whenever he points at something, which isn't infrequently, he does so with his middle finger rather than his index one. All other fingers are curled under. I keep trying to tell him that this is a) just not a great look, and b) might not go over well in some circles, but thus far, it's all been to no avail. Hmm. Today was lovely, but I'm completely pooped now. An afternoon at the park -albeit in this perfect weather- with the boys is like an exercise stint. Lawdy, lawdy. So anyway, I'm lacking a little dinner inspiration, mostly because I've been cleaning up after all the male relocaters in my house- seriously, why do males pick things up and then not return them to their original spots? Why are the scissors not where I'm expecting them? And when you move things all around, why am I expected to mentally keep track of them. No, I don't know where your Tevas/boots/jacket/hat/keychain/pencil/etc are.

Hmmph. Off to figure something out.

Did anyone see the NYT Dining section today? That pear salad with Gorgonzola crostini recipe is in there as well as a scrumptious sounding Berber skillet bread that hails from Morocco. Mmm...