La granchia

As the boys descended the stairs this evening, I hid behind a corner and then jumped out with this guy and startled them. Hilarious. Jack said "thank you," and when I asked why, he said, "isn't it a crab sculpture for my room?" Ah, no. Oliver did a double take and said, "I am not scared but why is that here?" For dinner, small sirs! This gal is a Dungeoness, pre-steamed so I don't have to murder anything, and I just picked her clean in prep for dinner tonight. All I know thus far is that I'm going to put it on King salmon, peas will be involved and maybe avocado too. Keep ya posted!

Thoughts: why did seven hours at gymnastics camp not completely exhaust my children? And, why at my somewhat advanced age do I still believe picking a hangnail and/or zit will lead to good things?