La cena

I'm practicing my Italian in anticipation of our trip next week. I am SO excited friends. It's been nearly 4 years since we were last there, and this time, in addition to Florence, we're spending three nights in Venice. We'll be wedding dress shopping with my sis and meeting her fiance's family. So exciting!! Meraviglioso! For la cena, dinner, tonight, I decided to make things in bowls. Bowls = comfort, in my opinion, and comfort after a long day is nice. Yotam's burned eggplant is always delicious, and as it turns out, I had just bought an eggplant two days ago. When I pulled it out of the fridge tonight, I couldn't remember what I'd bought it for, but that memory lapse was a convenient one, and I most enjoyed this dish tonight. I also had a darling fresh green cabbage from Sunday's FM so caramelized that with some caraway seed and garlic and tossed it with crumbled pancetta and roasted butternut squash. T felt he was back to Monday (Meatless), but I was in heaven. Go cook yourself a sausage, man...if you don't like my offerings. ;)

We are now off to watch Game Change, and I am psyched. Nicolle Wallace said watching it was like suffering PTSD, and Steve Schmidt said it was spot on. Hah!