Knish jokes, boy blather, pizza

The jokes I've heard about the knish factory fire - knarson, for ex - have been clever, but don't jump the shark comedians. Know when to call it quits- joke numbers are rising precipitously. I did make the brownies, and we did grill a superb pizza, but I am now heading to bed with my paper. Giving the boys their bath pushed me over the edge of ability to ingest any more input. As I went to get their towels, I heard Jack say, "look, Ol, I'm in straight penis." Ol replied, "Oh, I know how to do that too."


Then Jack tooted, and Ol nearly hyperventilated from wheeze-laughter. So, like I said, I just can't ingest any additional anything that has a sound associated with it: words; bodily functions; certainly not SNL (which T is watching).