Kitchen improv

The collard green cobbler is well underway, and though I know the end-result will be divine, this recipe is one of those that just never goes according to plan. This is OK!! Remember, in the kitchen you should have fun and stay light-hearted. I do not always follow these suggestions, but I do try and did so with aplomb tonight. Observe... Example 1: the topping for this cobbler is a cornmeal-flour-butter biscuit dough. I have never, I repeat never, been able to roll this out and cut it into biscuits. So, improv one, lay the "biscuits" on like a sheet of paper. Who cares?! It's still gonna taste great, and I can almost guarantee that those to whom you serve this will neither notice nor care that you've served them a large biscuit rather than a number of smaller ones.

Example 2: I was supposed to have some spicy andouille sausage for this recipe but as I did not reread the recipe before I started in on it, I definitely did not have said andouille. So, I de-porked the whole thing and went the chicken route rather than bacon and andouille,  using chicken broth and spicy Italian chicken sausages in lieu of the porcine requirements; I'm sure it's still going to be delicious.

Example 3: this recipe calls for a LOT of cream. If you have followed my obsessive ricotta making, you know that I'm not scared of cream. In fact, I like to drink it straight. However, I just didn't feel that we needed 2+ cups of cream tonight in addition to the sausage and butter components of the dish. So, 2%.

And how pretty was this as it slid into the oven? Well, this picture isn't actually that pretty, but I think you get the sense of what it's going to look like.

For the salmon, I decided to foil-packet roast it since I already had the oven on at 375. You definitely want to treat King salmon well, with kid gloves really. Think of it like a tense gal who needs the steam room to unwind. Yes, this was me today. I definitely enjoyed my steam. Anyway, don't ruin your salmon by going nuts on it with heat. Be slow, calm, keep it warm and gentle and you will be rewarded with a wonderfully moist and flavorful piece of fish.

I had some extra thyme pesto in the fridge so dabbed that over some s&p-seasoned filets. So pretty!

I'll let you know how things turn out. Off to make those caramelized apples.