Kinda snoozy Saturday

We've been both busy and lazy today: Tae Kwon Do and Ikea alongside lazing about in the yard and watching Myth Busters. I can deal with this mix! From the second I woke up this morning -5am! Thanks a lot you stinking cat!- I knew I had to make muffins. Had to have them. So I browned some butter and made strawberry muffins with just a hint of cardamom. While at Tae Kwon Do, Jack was seized with a yen for salted salmon-stuffed onigiri (Japanese rice balls) so after class we went a got the makings for it. Thank god it's something other than pesto pasta- his study of Japan in school is prompting all kinds of goodness and various interests.

Ol and I enjoyed salads with greens just plucked from our VegTrug, and I spent a nice while in the chaise lounge pretending to read but really just watching cat-on-a-leash pounce around and snapping pictures. I am thrilled that a bird family has made a nest under our deck. It's very shabby-chic, yes?