Kids: eating and their palates, part 4

So, what do my boys eat? Typical breakfasts include items such as: oatmeal with blueberries and a bit of brown sugar, cold cereal with milk (faves include: kashi cinnamon harvest, Barbara's puffins and shredded spoonfuls, kashi good friends, and 365 honey nut o's), my cherry-cardamom scones, the muffins I'm always making and going on about, our whole grain oatmeal pancakes, scrambled eggs with pecorino, chicken breakfast sausages and bacon. Yogurt sundaes are great too: yogurt + cereal + fruit.

Lunches are simple affairs, and for both this meal and dinner, I aim to put on each plate a veggie, fruit, protein and grain. They aren't picky about fruits m-really love them all and are willing to taste new ones- and sometimes I actually save the fruit for a bit later in the meal, to ensure they eat the other items sufficiently. Their favorite veggies are edamame, broccoli, beans of all kinds but primarily white, kidney and garbanzo, and bell peppers. During the summer when we're growing tomatoes, they'll eat their body weights in the cherry and grape varieties.

They are definite carnivores although are great and accepting Meatless Monday participants. Favored meats are turkey, chicken, bacon, Kofta burgers, meatballs, any cured meat and steak. You see what I mean when I call them carnivores. They will also eat anything with pesto on it and while they're obsessed with cheese tortellini, I also pump as whole wheat pasta as possible. They groove on pecorino and Parmesan so we grate those liberally on top. Cheese quesadillas with guacamole and salsa go over quite well too and pizza never fails which is totally not a surprise. They also enjoy sandwiches (PB & J, turkey/hummus/lettuce/tomato), especially J for whom they're more manageable regarding hand-mouth-sandwich size ratio.

Oops, we're about to take off. Snack ideas later!