Kale, Rose Petal Jelly, Helpful Cake Link, Hummus Tribute

Yesterday, a friend sent me this hilarious, eerily accurate article on knowing when you're in a real relationship with hummus. I am definitely not on board with numbers 12 and 13 but do, otherwise, believe this solidifies my foodmance. Meanwhile, I came across this informative link about cake-making (and -flopping) to Eggbeater, professional chef Shuna Lydon's blog. I cannot imagine ever knowing this much about the nitty-gritty of cakes, but that's why she is a professional chef and I am not. Definitely a helpful primer for you from-scratch bakers out there!

Because the sun had not yet gone back into hiding yesterday, I was able to take some food pics outside! Imagine it! Incredible experience! Despite the profusion of natural light, these photos don't totally do justice to the lush elegance of either the kale or the roses, but you get a sense. The kale turned into a aggressively oil-slicked lunch salad for me, and after many, many hours, these roses became a jelly. Bellissima!




T has left for Boston, and for the first time in a while, I have a sitter coming late this afternoon. I am terribly excited to be able to count on a few additional hours and plan to get a pedicure and work on a piece. Off to get my eyes checked for the first time in eight years. Squint, squint...something tells me my prescription needs updating...