Just plain nasty

Friends, I have had it with my nasty, snotty, stopped-up, hacking, snarfing, chunking self. Disgusting! Not only do I feel arsey, I still sound it too. At least my terribly unfortunate Hitlerish chap pattern hasn't reared its ugly head this time around. Thank goodness for small favors, yes? And thank goodness for Matzoh Ball soup Fridays at Wagshal's. At present, I'm chowing down on a large bowl and musing about what I can cook for dinner that requires minimal energy. Hmm. I will let you know and post pics later.

Many, many thanks to those who've submitted laudatory comments on my Customer Review site. I'm very grateful, especially because not everyone is a personal friend. Yay! Heh. I also feel very gratified to all you food52ers who have so kindly complimented my recent Peach-Plum-Lime-Ginger jam creation. What a supportive community you are.

Off to deal with my overflowing mound of clipped recipes that need to be sorted.