Jiro, Muscadines, Morello, back to the FM tomorrow

Have y'all seen the documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi? It is really great, and when the credits rolled, we felt in some awe of the 85 year old sushi master and all he's accomplished, especially since he's been on his own since the age of 7. Though I imagine he's not easy to work for (apprentices must complete 10 years of training before being considered quite capable; the first lesson is how to properly wring out a hot hand towel), his work ethic is incredible, and it was fascinating to see the Tsukiji fish market in action. Each sub-species of fish has experts associated with it, so: a tuna guy, an octopus guru, and so on. Jiro and his sons even work with a rice master. Really engaging doc!

Do you recall my ode on Muscadine grapes last year? They're out again now, so go look for them. They've got a thicker skin than your basic red grape, and each little orb has three or four small seeds inside. These grapes aren't overly sweet and have a lovely tang to them. Though I detest grape jelly, I'm considering making some out of these guys because they are so not Concords.

Did y'all see Tom Morello's retort to Paul Ryan's expressed fanship of Rage Against the Machine? Morello: Ryan is the "embodiment of the machine that our music has been raging against for two decades." Not a mutual admiration society, I'd say. Heh!

I am so excited to head back to the farmers market tomorrow. Whee!