Jamathon, and why?

Today I indulged in a marathon of jam-making and stayed in my PJs until I had to go to the gym. There, I thought I'd make up for lost time by doing a ramped-up interval session on the elliptical before my training session. 5 minutes after my trainer put me to work, I started to feel some regret about that decision as well as my choice to have yogurt and granola for lunch. That was not enough sustenance to go into such a rigorous workout, and I left the gym no more than a torso with overcooked spaghetti limbs. I treated myself to a smoothie from the juice bar immediately. The jamathon was great fun though, and if you're wondering why I'm on such a kick it's because a) it's summertime and that is the time to can, and b) the annual Circle Yoga Arts Market is just a month away so I'm building my stash. I hope all of you in the DC-area will consider coming to this local artisan's fest: it's lots of fun and you can indulge in all sorts of great products. I'll have all manner of canned and baked goods, others will have jewelry and art, last year there was a woodworker.... It'll be Saturday, Sept 7, from 1-4p, at Circle Yoga on Northampton St, NW. Check my calendar for updates and more specific info.

A pizza crust is proofing right now, in anticipation of a good and easy dinner. Tom and I are avoiding packing in every possible way right now, and though we're excited about our weekend in NYC, I simply cannot believe (and am slightly bummed about the fact that) I'm about to leave for my third straight weekend away. Must.stop.traveling. I am excited about eating -Craftbar, Da Silvano, TBD lunch spots, the Greenmarket- and seeing The Book of Mormon on Sunday. Equal-opportunity offense: I can't wait to laugh my face off.