Jam is so pretty, Republican debate making me puke from afar

While cooking, the rose petals stayed red for a long time, and then like magic, the color transferred from them to the water seemingly in an instant; red water, beet pink petals. Funky! Long story short...while I feel confident that this jelly will turn out well, tonight was a complete primer in why you should not start canning without being well-prepared. Did I remember to get my canning pot ready, water boiling early, jars a'sterilizing? I did not. Did I check to see if I had any pectin? Nope. Did I think about when I'd need to strain things and as such, which bowls, strainers and so forth I'd need? Non. So, after a long, completely mess-producing process (really, you should see the pile stacked high in the sink- yikes), I got to the end, had no pectin and will have to resume tomorrow. I must really be tired, and in fact, I really am, but I sure started this marathon with a warm heart and lots of enthusiasm. In the background right now, the remaining Republican candidates are blah-blahing on about blah-blah, and T is responding to each and every dumb assertion of "severe conservatism" with confounded outbursts. It's kinda funny. Fat Newton just said Obama supports infanticide, and Mittens is going on and on about the horrors of any sort of contraception. Can I just say that when T and I lived in Boston, I was an active volunteer with NARAL ProChoice and Romney was considered a friend of the org. The crowd just booed a question about contraception. What? Booing a question? And why is every person on stage an old white man? I want to barf.