It's here, menu for tonight

Election Day has finally, mercifully, scarily? arrived. Though many folks I know voted last week, I was heartened to see long lines at every polling station I passed this morning. Way to honor your civic rights and duties, peeps! I am feeling guardedly optimistic that President Obama will soon be ushered into a second term and that complete idiot, bigot morons like Akin and Mourdock will be sent out to the back 40, left to wander with their own bizarre and offensive thoughts about rape and women's bodies. Fingers crossed Dems! In the foodie spheres, there's been much musing about what to make and eat tonight. As it's gotten quite cold here in DC and watching election returns basically begs one to eat comfort food and imbibe something with a punch, I've decided to make Chili Verde, hopped-up cornbread and chill some beers for T and go the Bourbon cocktail route for moi. Readers?

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