It's almost BOO-time!

Though I don't do costumes, I can get behind a fun little Halloween-themed party! This afternoon, I'm hosting four little guys (six including my two) for pumpkin-painting, apple-bobbing, cookie-eating. pizza-eating and play. While buying supplies yesterday, the gal checking me out asked, "are you getting creative?" I replied, "oh yes, I'm making stuff as I'm hosting a playdate for six boys tomorrow. Frankly, people, I expected her to say, "wow, mama, go you! SIX boys?!?!" Instead, she looked completely unphased and asked, "you wanna bag for this stuff?"

Maybe she also works at a boys' school or is raising six sons? Or maybe she's never been in the same room as six young bucks? In any case, I'm fully expecting to have a great time and then DROP to the floor the moment all these cuties bid us goodbye. I think I'll chill some wine, just in case. Heh!


My after-party plan for my boys involves popping in the real Wonder Woman movie (Ol watched it at my parents' this summer and loved it, so I Netflixed that puppy in advance of today) until bedtime. Tomorrow is, after all, the real deal. So, we all need to conserve energy, yes?

Since T is away, do y'all know what I had for dinner last night? Pumpkin ravioli in sage-brown butter. Of.the.gods.