It's a wrap

NIK_3505 I'm thrilled to be heading to bed. I didn't get to the strawberry shortcakes -boo- but did delegate baked bean-making to Tom. Delicious! We also enjoyed a fabulous cheese plate and some grilled corn and vidalia onion salad plus Real Time from last Friday and Mad Men from Sunday. What in the sam hill was going on during this most recent MM episode?






Speaking of dandelion greens, did you see this front page-Sunday review article from yesterday's NYTimes? What an interesting piece. Made me all the more excited about my bunch of dandelions just waiting to be enjoyed.

And speaking of Real Time, did anyone watch S.E. Cupp's argument about how gun registries are a complete violation of all rights/privacy/justice while driver's licenses, dog licences, car registration and insurance are not? It was a complete joke., S.E. You are smart and boy do you know your talking points but the second amendment did not mean, when written, what you and your pals want it to mean today. There is A) no militia, and certainly no B) regulation. The latter is most unfortunate.