It's a canning day

It's gorgeous here today, and although both boys were up in the 4s (J with a bad dream and Ol because he just felt like it which I put the kabosh on pretty quickly!), I made it to Pilates, finally got part of my sister's gift mailed for a reasonable price (thank you small international flat-rate box) and am now setting things up for a few hours with my canning pot. Other than the mess of carrots I pickled last week, the pot's been cold lately, and I've been rather blue because of it. Also, my stock o' jams and pickles is low to an unprecedented degree. With the same sense of urgency I feel when our freezer stock of muffins and scones drops precipitously, I decided I must start replenishing the shelves. On tap for today are dilly beans and some cranberry sauce.

 green beans for canning

I'm having a real yen for some gumbo so will definitely be making some of that in the near future, need to make a strawberry cake and collard greens cobbler for a catering gig on Saturday and then need to start, in as earnest a fashion as can be mustered, preparations for a holiday gathering we're hosting a week from Saturday. It is so nice to spend warm mornings in the kitchen this time of year!

canning dilly beans