Italia: Day 3

I feel profoundly happy to not be covered in pet hair right now. This is a surprising aspect of my happiness right now, and one of which I'm enormously aware. I have not had to lint-roll myself since Monday morning! Tremendous. Happy Thanksgiving, American family and friends. Elia loves Thanksgiving so we are having a small one here. This morning, we went back to Mercado Centrale to pick up a few remaining items for tonight's meal, including our turkey from the turkey guy. Look at the sign they have hanging over the stall.

I inquired about the somewhat odd placement of the Stella di Davide, and the guy said, "I don't know. I'm Palestinian so it's not mine." His colleague said, "I think an American girl made this for us. It's about 15 years old now."

The whole thing tickled my funny bone.

Artichokes and porcini mushrooms are in season now- can you even get over the size of these mushrooms?? And the artichokes could not be fresher or more stunning, yes?

For lunch we decided on lemon and ricotta ravioli and a kale salad with apples, Parmesan and walnuts. These ravioli render you certain of dying of bliss. Dressed with a simple lemon butter sauce, each bite is a cloud of perfection.

Our apple pie is cooked, the veggies are roasted, the turkey is in. I made a cipollini confit, and we're making a cornbread dressing too. Hope you are all happy, healthy and well. Warmest wishes from across the pond.