"Is it Monday?" he asks, aghast

No, it's not, but tofu with peanut sauce is YUM, no matter the day. Ultimately, T agreed, as he always does because he likes tofu. Really likes it. Me too when it's prepared well. You've got to drain it in a serious fashion and then I prefer it cooked over a high heat so you get the tofu equivalent of grill char on a chicken breast. I happened to have both tofu and bok choy in the fridge so it just seemed like a natural direction to take dinner in a slightly Asian direction. I say slightly because I know next to nothing about Asian cooking techniques and dishes other than that I enjoy eating them. bok choy NIK_1247

In any case, seared and then oven-roasted tofu + sauteed/steamed bok choy. I also made some mirin-lime rice, and T made me a deLIGHTful vodka gimlet to go alongside. Amen. I like this recipe.

vodka gimlet