Installation success, lots to cook today and how

Well, the microwave is up and working. It's so nice to have the hole in the wall patched and full of something functional. Also, I reclaimed a good bit of counter space. Yay! O said, "I love ya new microwave, Mom." Hah! And now it's box is a terrific fort/submarine for the boys. Jack installed two "sensors": "the one on the left helps me steer, and the one on the right...well, it comes in handy when I need to check the water pressure." Hilarious! Too bad their play then devolved into full-scale, code red, psychodrama whining and crying. Sigh. I'm about to get started on the shrimp Creole- as with most saucy dishes like it, time is its friend. So I'd like to get it cooked this morning and then let its flavors muddle together throughout the day.

I am also going to be baking a Lemon-Lime Cake as I received my first order for Em-i-lis Catering. So exciting!! I've added a number of items to the catering menu, and Em-i-lis Recipes is about to reach 100 yummy options. So check it out, get cooking, have fun in the kitch.

I'm off to get started!