Info/tips of the week

If you're sadly watching the summer produce season slip away, this link offers some very helpful, simple (read: does not involve canning, dehydrating or the like) tips for preserving all sorts of fruits/veggies: Gardener's Supply Company. You can buy more than you think you'll need or use immediately and in many cases, preserve it for the depths of winter. This Friday's Whole Foods One Day Deal is New York Strip Steak, hormone- and antibiotic-free, for $11.99/pound; it's usually $16.99. This offer is valid in DC, Maryland, VA, OH, PA, KY, Marlton and Princeton, NJ.

Also for D.C.-area folks, this Saturday and Sunday, American Plant -all locations- is welcoming fall by offering 20% of your entire, storewide purchase. The Bethesda location will be opening its Haunted Castle, and there will be other festivities and treats. If you want to fall'ify your yard and gardens, head over!

Lastly, if you have old/expired/no longer needed prescription drugs, don't flush them! They can contaminate our water systems, including those that supply are drinking water. So, bring yours to the National Take Back Initiative, a nationwide program that will be held on October 29. Here's a link for more state-specific info.