Incredible new salad, crazy boys

This afternoon, the boys ran into the front room, became eerily quiet and then returned naked but with underpants on their heads. Keep in mind two things: these were the underpants each had been wearing all day, AND they had switched and were now wearing the other's skivvies, on their heads. While I am usually pretty cool about butts, burps and the like, this was a bit much for me, and I insisted they stop.

They did not but instead found new and unusual ways to wear the underpants. Mon dieu. I finally just gave in and laughed though I tried to keep it under my breath lest they be too encouraged. I did give them a thorough bath!

When mommy time was done for the night and cook time reconvened, I did make the most marvelous new salad and will share the recipe pronto. OMG, for real. Pluots, green tomatoes, mozzarella and an orange-blossom honey and agrodolce vinaigrette. Ridiculously good! And finally, more cheesy mashed potato puffs for T, and toasted pecan-raisin bread with buffalo butter for us both. Perfection!I also made the summer couscous with pistachios, sultanas and squash again but it was less thrilling than last time. Ah well. It's pretty!