Incredible compliment, quiet evening

Today I received one of the loveliest compliments ever, from a dear friend of 19 years who is herself a writer; indeed, she's a two-time published author. Regarding yesterday's posts, she wrote: "Em, you have the most wonderful gift for making the ordinary sublime.  (And the sublime even more so.)  Today's writing simply sings."

People, I cannot tell you how much this observation and resultant appreciation mean to me! A truly sublime compliment, to be sure. Thank you, D!

I feel infinitely more relaxed now, having had several quiet hours alone. The house is tidier, the cheesecake and now-frosted chocolate cakes are in the deep freeze (chocolate ganache freezes beautifully) as are twelve pounds of  vacuum-sealed fresh salmon. I'm packed for my class, the dishwasher is humming, Nutmeg appears to have passed out next to his favorite hanging toy, Percy is snoring (literally), and I'm satiated after a beautiful, big salad of -not a spoiler!- kale, plus radicchio, avocado, tomato, apple, goat cheese and homemade croutons with my beloved garlicked-oil, lemon, and salt dressing. Perfetta! Bene, bene. Vado a letto. Buona notte!