In the movie Groundhog Day

People, how could a day feel longer? Suffice it to say that I'm daydreaming about bedtime and 100% chagrined that it is still 2 hours away. I feel as if my brain and ears are bleeding from the constant assault of the children's verbiage; you can think of it as woodpecker beaks mercilessly beating a tree. At present, J is encouraging O to jackhammer him in the butt, pleading with him really. O is happy to oblige. The number of times they've uttered the word poop today must have set a new record. The refusal to tee-tee is just stupid; who likes a full bladder? Clean up, be quiet, calm down, please!!!! S-T-Ruggling over here. In the meantime, I decided to make a roasted potato recipe I've wanted to try for some time. Easy as get out, but you sliver the potatoes into rectangles first, interlace them with bay leaves, drizzle with butter and salt, and roast. Ultimately, they're supposed to look like golden dominoes, and I think their flavor will be nice with the stew later.