I'll never go hungry again...as long as I'm not responsible for growing all our food

That carrot, pretty and fresh as it appeared, was bitter as get out. I had to spit out my bite. So sad! Maybe it is too young? I doubt it. Farming is HARD! I gotta tell you that when I go to the farmers market now, I do not blink an eye at their prices. Good grief, farming takes a lot of knowledge and a lot of work. Go farmers. At least my potatoes and tomatoes have been wonderful. I am committing to backing away from the gardening efforts until I really have time to commit to learning and tending. You saw it here first, peeps. We just returned from the Natural History Museum where the kids loved the Insect Zoo, thought the Hope Diamond's legend was great but that it itself is totally underwhelming (I concur) and were mesmerized by the skeletons and bones. Then they wanted breakfast for dinner and now are boob-tubing it for a bit.

Now I'm burning eggplant, tending my new batch of ricotta (that resolve really lasted a long time, right) and getting geared up for bathtime. Will figure out dinner in a bit.