Icicles, dinner, Sherlock

Have y'all watched Sherlock, the British production shown on BBC from 2010-2012 and starring Benedict Cumberbatch (also in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy) and Martin Freeman (Love, Actually; The Office; The Hobbit)? Except for season 1, episode 2 which was awful, the show is terrific, and I can't wait for it to resume though, SO disappointingly, that's not for another year. Benedict Cumberbatch is beyond superb as are Martin Freeman and most all the supporting cast. We've had a marvelous trip but are looking forward to getting home tomorrow (hopefully with complete ease), seeing Nutmeg (and Percy) and welcoming my parents on New Year's Eve. It's been such fun to have real winter weather- check out these icicles!


Dinner tonight was take-out from a lovely restaurant, Aqueous, and we indulged in this delicious lobster bisque with a lobster-stuffed roulade, some creamed spinach and this iceberg "Cobb," in addition to a French onion soup not really worth mentioning. It's not hard to make an average French onion soup but a stellar one is more a challenge. Unfortunately, tonight's was on the sweet side and fell into the former category. Bygones.