I saw the sun, Hellfire Breath pasta

People, I saw the sun for a couple hours today, wore flats without socks and felt the vaguest warmth upon my cheek. Then it started raining and became very overcast, but I sucked every ounce of Vitamin D and zen from those few bright hours. Also, I had a babysitter for the first time in a while and got a much-needed pedicure which is always an outstanding way to spend an hour.

While there, a faux red-head swooped in, 65+, very dramatic. She was wearing the most gargantuan expanse of blue fur I've ever seen purport to be a coat, a scarf with brown fox tail-looking tassels and fur and sherpa boots to her knees. It was positively overwrought, not least because it was, at coldest, no less than 50 degrees out. And who believes blue fur?! It's like blue carnations- everyone knows that's just food coloring! She proceeded to launch herself backwards, via awkward jump, into a manicure chair. Did she know it was on wheels? I suspect not because she promptly rolled into a pedicurist. Red wore this animalistic get-up the entire time.

So, dinner.


Tonight was Pantry Challenge Meal night. I give myself an A+. An unholy amount of both garlic and anchovies -hence Hellfire Breath moniker- dissolved in a hot pool of olive oil and butter. Then red chile flakes, Meyer lemon zest, mint and capers stewed down to an unctuous, savory sauce. Meanwhile, I cooked whole wheat spaghetti until it reached the precipice of done, stirred it + a bit of cooking water + some grated Parm into the skillet o' sauce, et voila. Perfetto!