I often like wine more than water, and other silly musings re today

Well, the former is not a silly musing, peeps. That's just fact. I do often like wine more than water though tonight opted for tequila. It's niiice. Meanwhile, I embarked on a hilarious (I just can't bring myself to write "an hilarious"; I hate the an + h rule; which leads me to let you know that I also hate when people pronounce human as youman; nails on a chalkboard: alert! alert!). I've got goose bumps just thinking about it, g-damnit. In any case, the hilarious... run-on sentence above should have culminated in ...exchange on Facebook with three of my friends concerning some 14th St "pub crawl" we're daring to do (all of us can see 40 and have small children at home; not that either negates a crawl but it sure as hell makes one less likely {see: my recent bedtimes} and/or {possibly} appropriate; yee-haw) as well as an even-more hilarious post from another friend who found an unopened wine bottle in her dog's bed today; the foil cork-cover had teeth marks all over it. Is the dog anxious? curious? hip?


Meanwhile, I roasted the romanesco cauliflower with pimentón, chopped lemon, salt and olive oil, and pan-sautéed mushrooms with butter, olive oil, thyme and garlic and then slathered a piece of toasted multi-grain bread with shaved Taleggio, slapped a mound of i funghi on top, sprinkled it all with truffled Maldon and said "hallelujah this is good."


This was all quite nice after a quick-fire day that involved: my first-in-two-weeks session with my trainer (ow! but fun); parent-teacher conferences for both boys (apparently Jack's wonderful teachers have realized how much he talks; drat); a trip to a suburban mall where I managed to buy Jack underpants that could fit Andre the Giant (seriously, when I got home and took them out of the package, I about peed in my pants laughing hysterically about how incredibly tall and granny-like these undies were; Jack about fell out too); a FedEx delivery from a man who looked like he'd literally just stepped out of Maverick's plane (name the movie); an alert regarding my soap.com package which had exploded in transit and was thus disposed of (yet, curiously, not re-ordered); and a Code Red Pug spaz-out that left me wheezing with laughter because, since Percy refuses to let us cut his nails, he slips and falls across the hardwood floors as if he's been strapped into ice skates and tossed onto a rink for the first time.

Also, why when I googled sauté (because I always want to put the accent on the second e in sautéed even though I know that's not right) is the third result Sautéed Reindeer? WTF? If you didn't know, sautéed reindeer is perhaps the best known meal in Lapland.

On the flip side, I found my keys after a week of using the only spare we have for both the house and my car.

So, Tom at a work dinner, I settled in to enjoy a mountain of veggies. Plus tequila. Mahvelous!