I made, I ate, I conquered (almost)

I am telling y'all, this eggplant dish is the cat's meow for me. Frig. I just ate 75% of it for dinner. Plus wine. Love this Fiano! I never got around to the zucchini salad but that's OK. There's always tomorrow. I am slightly intimidated by, but mostly excited about, the amount of cooking/baking I plan to do before Saturday. We'll see where the energy runs out but I have high hopes for good recipes, good pictures and a lot of fun.

Friends, I am trying to be understanding about the absurdity that is Congress, about the desire to be the bigger man, to actually be a mature professional, but I am, at heart, really feeling disappointed by Obama. What was that ridiculous letter-writing cockfight over the scheduling of his speech? Crying Tan Man is a ballsy a-hole whose mother clearly never taught him to respect authority figures, even those with whom he disagrees, and Angry Mannequin Cantor is just so self-righteous that I can't get over it: was he elected to take care of himself, or some constituents who really need it? Bonkers Michele is never going to get gas back down to $2/gallon; on the contrary, we NEED a gas tax and to make myriad other sacrifices, and Obama needs to be giving us the heavy hand of love about why and how. Crazy Coyote Shooting Texas Mannequin Perry is a dangerous, not-real-bright, xenophobic ideologue, and hopefully his flame will burn out before he can inflict the same "TX Miracle" on everyone that he has down there. His economic and sex-education policies leave a little something to be desired! I wish there was a 'sarcasm' emoticon.

I'm off to bed. What a day! Happy eating, cooking, sleeping to you all!