I remember when TGIF really used to mean what it stands for (read: pre-kids). And mostly I mean that in an only factual way. However, kids do change that acronym just slightly to WCTIF or Who Cares That It's Friday because really, in some ways the weekends are much harder than any weekday unless you get slammed with a snow-day, sick child or other unwelcome surprise. When your house becomes a no-nap zone, a day can seem exceedingly, unbelievably, are-you-kidding? long. And that can be tough. It's no surprise to me that the "It's 5:00 somewhere" quote went viral; surely that was first uttered by a weary parent who didn't give one hoo-ha what time it was and thusly turned to some form of liquid courage to face the remaining hours of a Saturday. Today was a busy but overall quite productive one. Three batches of scones made, lemon curd crafted, mis en place to the 9s over here, exercise, a large haul of no-longer-needed children's gear donated, dry cleaning, grocery shopping, pick-ups, tears, hugs, laughs............................. The usual. And, I voted (Obama). I love voting (Obama). It's so civic, so engaged, so communal. Cheers to all DCers who stood in line so politely and amicably today to cast their votes (Obama). Readers, I'm sure you don't mind my subliminal message there as really, by now you should know my politics.

Speaking of politics, did you see what the Washington Post said about Romney today? And I quote, "THROUGH ALL THE flip-flops, there has been one consistency in the campaign of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney: a contempt for the electorate."


Presently, I'm loving me some Sancerre and cooking up an inspired (I think; TBD) dinner of vanilla-coconut-cardamom-pistachio rice with oven-roasted vanilla salmon. I will let you know if the result is as promising as my idea felt.