I am sitting down, and boy does it feel good

When I got home this afternoon, I made Jack a big pot of chicken-hominy-tomato soup. It was a nice way to use up some of the remaining chicken, and it literally takes 15 minutes to put together. Do y'all like hominy? I love it. My mom always made it for us growing up, and I think that's why I immediately think of it when pondering comfort foods. The boys don't like macaroni and cheese (what?!) but they do love soup, so... Oliver inhaled a bowl of it, but you could tell poor Jack just didn't have any appetite- he did manage to eat a banana split though. I hate to see him sick, and this ear infection thing is nuts. He's never had one, and bam, this one is terrible. After getting the boys in bed, I opened a bottle of wine- congestion be damned! I'll celebrate my day even if it means I can't breathe for a while. As I partake, I wanted to give you a head's up re: some great deals in case you're in the market for honeycrisp apples, anything from J. Crew and/or great wine:

1) Tomorrow's One Day sale at Whole Foods is Organic Honeycrisp apples for just $1.79/pound.

2) J. Crew is offering 25% off + free shipping on orders of $150 or more. Use the code: LOVEFALL at checkout.

3) Are you familiar with Iron Horse Vineyard? T and I discovered it years ago while traipsing through Sonoma, and we just fell in love. When we went, they weren't as known as they are now, and it was like one big family just drinking good wine, eating good cheese and hanging out at a tasting room. I cannot even begin to recall how many wines we tasted, but we've been loyal drinkers ever since. Great Chardonnay, and I usually loathe California Chard as it's so often a vanilla fruit syrup bomb of expensive horribleness. However, Iron Horse does it right. They offer an unoaked Chard as well as other Chards that really let the essence of that grape show through- think: the way the French do Chablis! They also make wonderful bubbly, and so, in anticipation of the many holidays a'coming, if you need some wine, they are offering $1 shipping on any order of 6 bottles or more. Use the code: ONE at checkout. I just ordered three Chards, 2 Rosés, and the Wedding Cuvée bubbly for Christmas.

Ok, I need to actually eat a meal as that really hasn't happened today. Send me good sleep vibes! And right back at you!