Hummus lost in abyss that is fridge

Oh my, it's happened. I've actually lost a large tub of hummus in my fridge because it is so full. The enormous foliage-like screen of collard and beet greens isn't helping so it's settled: I must make the collard greens cobbler tonight. In addition, I picked up some gorgeous King salmon yesterday so will make that too. I think I simply must make some caramelized Asian pears as well, and altogether, this will be a lovely meal! To caramelize an Asian pear, slice it into very thin rounds, about 1/8" thick. Into a 10" skillet, toss 2 or so tablespoons of butter. When it's melted, toss in some sugar: brown, cane, a"compound sugar" like the coriander sugar foodie friend C gave me (or you can prob make). Once that's starting to melt, place the pear rounds on top so that their edges are touching but they're not overlapping too much. Lower the heat and cook and flip until they're tender, brown with the sugar glaze and just look all-around fab. For lunch, I headed back to the real roots of my compost salad creation: cleaning out your fridge by making a truly thrown-together-with-leftovers salad. It's quite delicious. Look at those caramelized onions, and do you see the purple tips of that luminous lettuce I was raving about last week? I bought more this past Sunday and found that it's called Scarlet Lady of the Night. Isn't that a hell of a moniker for lettuce? But it makes me love it even more. And check out the rind on that Bûcheron- yum!

I was happy to see that the bite marks on Oliver's cheek were gone when he woke up this morning. It is a glorious day here today, so we all went to a kindergarten open house at J's school and then O and I came home and gardened. Everything's planted, and we got some raking and mulching done. He's sleeping now so I'm going to boogie and enjoy this salad, and my hummus in absentia. Boo.