Humid! Hot! Kids love waves! I love fresh food!

This afternoon, we took family pictures on the beach as a gift to my mother-in-law. The photographer reminded me of Jeffrey Dean Morgan if he'd moved to Hawaii and adopted a real kumbaya mindset. By about 8 minutes in, Oliver was wet from the navel down, and Jack -having not napped or eaten much in the prior 5 minutes- was totally on edge, literally twitching with the need to jump in, get wet, "jump the waves. The kids LOVE the ocean. It was also about 90 degrees with 100% humidity, so by the time we rangled everyone home, everyone was fried and sweaty. I do hope we got some good pics. We all sort of plodded our ways through the next hour and a half, and when I checked 5 minutes ago, my sister-in-law was still in bed with her oldest, and Oliver had turned on all the lights, found a plastic bag with which he was playing and taken apart an ironing board. Eff, kids. Go the F to Sleep! Who's read that book? Priceless!

Anyway, all's well, and I made dinner: grilled sausages from Cibola Farms (at the dupont farmers market); roasted eggplant with garlic, lemon and reduced balsamic; summer squash and wax bean -Oliver: "I looove those lellow beans."- salad with pine nuts, garlic oil, mint and basil; and savoy cabbage with bacon and sweet onions. Yum! If only I'd churned out some dessert as well. There's always tomorrow.