Hubs cooks, etc

I feel so goddamn jolly today, y'all. I made pancakes for Oliver, bread for Jack, three pies for Thanksgiving -part of my leave-behind as I won't be with my boys :( - and a pain bagnat for me. I discovered a new French bakery, Fresh Baguette, which despite the corny name is lovely and the baguettes both fresh and infinitely better than those from Le Pain Quotidien or Whole Foods. I exercised! Finished the puzzle! Got passport photos taken and a head shot made (see About Me)! Started a journal with Jack, bought a toy dagger for Oliver (the reward for such good listening), did my hair! Christmas is coming! Cards, carols, garlands, parties, trees, ornaments, wreaths!

And now Tom is cooking dinner, going all lobster and Le Bernardin while I drink yummy Zinfandel and watch The Little Mermaid with the boys. I can recite the movie word by word throughout. Jack didn't believe me at first but I recited for so long that he became annoyed and agreed that I could and please would I stop. Heh. The songs are fabulous, and by the way, it's an infinitely better film than Frozen. Just gettin' that dig in.... I wish I could really sing, because I would belt shit out all.the.time.

I started packing in a very slight way and then put that aside. Packing blows. Especially if you don't know if you'll actually be able to make your trip. HAH! I'm sure the whole passport debacle will work out but still.