How-is-it-already-1:15 Thursday?

How delightful to while away a morning with no rushed pace or strict to-dos. The children were at Mach 10 before camp, and, quite frankly, I was thrilled to drop them off. We're going bowling this afternoon, so I needed to refuel my reserves! I put up a batch of Rhubarb-Plum-Star Anise jam and then spooned the last remnants of it from my canning pot onto some roast chicken as part of my lunch. The star anise provides a nice savory element while the tart-sweetness of the fruits adds a zip, both of which elevate a humble yet delicious chicken. This is such a rich ruby color, isn't it!

rhubarb-plum-star anise jam

I've cleaned out my fridge, cooked dinner for the grands, am about to make myself go iron some things that really do need it (grr! this gal hates to iron!) and then might spend a few with my puzzle. This morning's rain has given way to a sunshiney afternoon which is such a treat. Percy wants a walk, but I can't bring myself to leave quite yet...