Hoppy Easter, and all that jazz

T and I just stuffed the kids' mercifully tiny Easter baskets. As we really are agnostics, it is completely beyond me why we celebrate Easter; must be one of those, "but we've always done it this way" kinda things. A few weeks back, playing on the boys' good and generous souls, I suggested we ask the Easter Bunny not to come this year. "You know, boys, we really don't believe in or celebrate Easter, so it seems to me that your baskets are really just pointless opportunities to get a few presents. What if we tell the Bunny to just make sure and visit others this year?"

"No, Mom, no. It's OK. We really do want the Easter Bunny to come." "Hey Jack, should we write the Easter Bunny a letter and give her some ideas?"

The redeeming element in the door that slammed shut on my idea is that Oliver assumes -rightfully, for the love- that the E.B. is female.

Also, I remembered that I'd ordered three stuffed Minions from freaking Hong Kong so decided to go with the kids' Easter verve and try again next year. Easter really is totally weird when you think about it. I mean, a dead man exits a cave, rises and in celebration eons later, a large hind-leg-walking Bunny brings candy-stuffed eggs and random treats to children in their homes. I dunno. Makes perfect sense to me that for two consecutive years my cousin's daughter said, in no uncertain terms, that the E.B. was to leave her basket outside on the front porch; he was not allowed to enter her home.

But long story short, T and I made the flipping baskets, and my primary hope is that the third Minion does not become the central focus of some horrid battle but, rather, can be shared lovingly.


This morning, I took the boys to Tae Kwon Do, and Ol and I proudly watched as J received his red belt. He is extremely proud and satisfied and seemed not to notice how wildly more advanced the rest of the kids in his class are. J's obliviousness to such things has long been a trait I consider him lucky to have, bless his heart. Afterwards, I passed the kids off to T who took them to his parents' house. I cannot tell you how much I loved my hours alone. Lawd a'mercy did I need some quiet. I did a little shopping (the TJ Maxx home section can be fun!), tidied the house and yard, went on a search mission for Percy the escapee pug...you know, the regular.

Dinner was a kale salad and some really delicious grilled shrimp. The marinade was preposterously simple: olive oil, salt, garlic, fresh orange juice, crushed red pepper...and T grilled those little crustaceans perfectly. Meanwhile, we were the lucky witnesses of a magnificent sunset. It looked like a giant, multi-hued Easter egg cascading down the horizon.



Have a good one!