Holy Peace and Quiet, Batman!

Ol made it back to school today. I know he's bushed but also really happy to see his friends and be there; a quick email from his teacher confirmed just that. I was certain he'd need to come home early so have been sticking close to my phone but so far haven't heard a peep. I have taken advantage of these few hours to catch up on many a pleasurable task here at home: more holiday card addressing; lots of cooking (pecan-oatmeal pie, gumbo, granola, and roasted pumpkin so far) some of which is for a Southern Feast I'm catering tomorrow; laundry; etc. Let me tell you, I am relishing the hell out of the silence and feeling grateful that my little guy is on the up and up. If you missed the roux tutorial video I posted previously, click here to watch! www.em-i-lis.com

I was also thankful for a glorious evening with J last night. Yesterday was his last day of after school comic book drawing, and he was ebullient the whole way home. T gave him a haircut, I gave him his spelling quiz, he showered, we read, and then, after Ol was asleep, J wandered downstairs - decked in the now-standard PJ get up of undies and giant, fuzzy reindeer socks- and pronounced that he was hungry again. Y'all, the amount that boys eat continues to astound me. Literally, I am astounded by what Jack eats for dinner each day. T and I had ordered Indian food, and J asked to pull up a chair and join us for some. Swear to god, I fell in love with him anew. He is so earnest and dear, and any kid that will chow down on channa curry, rice and onion kulcha is welcome at my table any time.  He told us a story about a gal he knows who described herself as quiet and shy. His response was "I didn't so much go with that, but I just went on with it because I didn't want to hurt her feelings or anything." Hah! Then he said, "it's really nice to sit here and eat with you guys. I love you." What a pumpkin.


Happy Friday, readers. I hope you're having a wonderful, delicious day!