Hit a wall but am back

Well, after I made the gumbo, walked Percy, cleaned up, did laundry, and delivered some of the gumbo to a dear friend who provided much comfort when O was in the hospital recently, I crashed. I think it was unloading the silverware from the dishwasher that put me over the edge- I hate that job. Anyway, I took a nap!! And then played some Angry Birds!! And now I'm pepped up again, ready to something wonderful with the rhubarb. I think I'm going to make mini pies and experiment with the freezing thing: one cooked, one uncooked- freeze both and see what happens. I'll make a third one for dessert tonight, and while I hope this isn't a colossal waste of good fruit and labor, I just must know if freezing is a possibility in the pie department. I'll let you know.