Hilarious quote of the day

Do y'all read Gail Collins? She's a freaking riot, such a smart woman. In seemingly every Op-Ed of hers I've read, she has managed to include mention of Mitt Romney driving to Canada with the family dog strapped to the roof of the car. Today's was no break from the routine. But that wasn't even in the top three funniest parts of her column pitting Mitt against Rick. In reviewing the fact that three of the Repubs at the recent debate blasted for Perry for supporting the inoculation of girls against cervical cancer, Gail writes: "This is a big deal for some social conservatives, but it's still interesting to think that we have presidential candidates who believe that they could score a stunning upset victory on an anti-cancer-prevention platform."  Har!

If you didn't read the article, here's a link.

On the flip side of the funny coin was this article about individual actions against global warming not even coming close to making a dent in the enormous problem it is. Written by the unfortunately first-named, Gernot Wagner, it's an excellent piece about what we'll really  need to do, how we'll really need to behave, to force the reparative policy changes that are necessary to mend our Earth. Depressing as hell for us eco-defenders but an honest call to action.

The bread was pretty good- austere in a whole-grainy kinda way but not dry and a great base for oozy jam.