Hilarious critique of cupcakes

On the Tuesday before the Thanksgiving break each year, the boys' school has a thanks-themed Meeting for Worship (they attend a Friends school). I really enjoy attending it but today simply could not. Instead, Tom went, and I sent him with two darling cupcakes I'd bought from a local bread company that I adore. The vanilla cupcakes were topped with perfectly formed, swirly mounds of snow white frosting on which sat a sweet little Thanksgiving turkey. Though Jack can often give or take cupcakes, I thought he'd like the festivity of this one; Ol has never been known to not wolf down a cake-based dessert of any kind. I stayed home cozily cooking, and when the boys pushed the back door open upon returning home, I said, "how are you, sweeties?!" Jack, sounding very grim, immediately launched into an extremely well thought out diatribe about why the cupcake was the worst he'd ever tasted.

"That was a terrible cupcake, Mom. It was soooooo sweet, and that turkey tasted sooooo artificial. The cake was hard and not good. The frosting was awful, hard too and too sweet. Really, I can't tell you what a bad cupcake that was. Oliver didn't even like it."

A) I did not know he could recognize or articulate artificial tastes but am wildly proud that he can and did, and B) I was laughing so hard by the end of his goings-on that I couldn't even say hello to T. Oliver said the only part he liked was the turkey decoration but otherwise he agreed that it simply was NOT a good cupcake.

I'm still laughing about it.

Cooking is coming along at a good clip! Back to it!